Welcome to our new season of Brazilian Zouk Classes Brazilian Zouk is a sensual, passionate, and dynamic dance that evolved from Lambada that anyone can learn. It’s full of gorgeous hair whips, unique dips and body isolations, sexy hip movements and body rolls. Anyone who dances it will tell you, that it is much more than a dance, it is a way of relaxing, meeting new people, making friends, and discovering yourself. When you join Zouk classes, you become a part of the Zouk family, and we are delighted to welcome you 🤗 This 8-week progressive course has been designed to show you everything you need to be able to go out and dance with confidence! ✨ COURSE DETAILS ✨ 19:30 - 21:00 - Zouk Level 1 21:00 - 22:30 - Zouk Level 2 🔅 ZOUK LEVEL 1🔅 We want you to be BRILLIANT on the basics. We will share with you the basic steps allowing you to build up your dance with plenty of variation, creativity and FUN. You will learn the dynamics, how to lead/follow in the dance. You will develop your skills in connection, and you will also train body and space awareness 👉 We recommend that everyone starts on this level and continues taking it regularly for minimum 1 year. Mastering the basics are what will make you a great dancer!!! 🔅 ZOUK LEVEL 2 🔅 If you have already taken classes with us, then we welcome you to join Zouk Level 2. In this class we will explore more techniques - push, pull, slide. Our goal is to share more advanced ways for you to connect the basics steps. You will be introduced to more complicated movements like body isolation's and "head movements". We will show you how to get creative and to have more fun with your Zouk :-) 📆 Schedule Week 1 - Thursday 24 January Week 2 - Thursday 31 January Week 3 - Thursday 7 February Week 4 - Thursday 14 February Week 5 - Thursday 21 February Week 6 - Thursday 28 February Week 7 – Thursday 7 March Week 8 – Thursday 14 March Location: Downstairs in Madigans North Earl Street, Dublin 1 https://goo.gl/maps/bv2ppTPK8Zz You can sign up with or without a partner - we rotate constantly during class so everyone gets to practice! 📝 SIGN UP AND BOOK YOUR CLASSES Use the link below to confirm your place Registration Link: https://monabyrne.typeform.com/to/J2GU2C Please help us to grow by sharing the event and inviting all your friends :-) Thank you! If you have any questions PM us or contact WhatsApp : Mona 0863903168 / Wilson 083 4075577 Zouk Love ♥ Wilson & Mona



Madigan's Earl Street, North Earl Street, North City, Dublin 1, Ireland

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