For the first time in Ireland, we proudly present André Oliveira! André will teach a Passinho and Funk workshop on the 12th of November at Mash House, followed by a Q&A session where participants have the opportunity to learn and understand more about the passinho style and the funk culture. From the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to all over Brazil, Passinho is one of the forms of street dance battles and mixes elements of samba, frevo, funk and Angolan kuduro. André Oliveira is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, researcher and member of the Passinho Carioca Dance Company, Cia.Suave and of the groups Afro Black and Heavy Baile. As a competitor, he participated and was champion of the battles, Batalha de Titãs II, Batalha Rio H2K (2017/2018), Festival do Passinho (2017), Desafio do Império (2018) and, more recently, Red Bull Dance Your Style (2023). In 2019, the dancer performed at Rock In Rio. Throughout his career, he participated in several shows, including Passinho Carioca: Resistance and A Dream is Realized (2018) and É na Batida (2018). He has already performed, taking his art to countries like Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, France and Portugal.



Mash House, Mash House, North Circular Road, Dublin 1, Ireland

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