Welcome back Vybz Lovers! This is your Energy Coach ready to deliver! Secure your spot on these bomb and uplifting 4 Weeks dance programs and come explore! Week 1 Carnival Vibes / Week 2 Dancehall / Week 3 Afro / Week 4 Afro - Caribbean 馃帴 If you鈥檙e ready say AYAYAYYYY! My name is Kareen SK, I鈥檓 a French Afro-Caribbean Dance Coach, founder of SK VYBZ weekly classes in Ireland, but also AfroCaribbean workshops and performances on request within Ireland and overseas . 鈥℉ealth, passion, positive ENERGY release, fun, and self confidence growth are my daily motives, and I鈥檓 committed in making those physical and interpersonal skills reachable through dancing within my sessions! 鈥–lasses are currently adapted and insured to all level from 12 to 60 years old; In short, 2 words: BUCKLE UP!


Firkin Crane-Dance Cork, John Redmond Street, Shandon, Cork, Ireland

Rese帽as (6)

  • Amazing class with an Awesome teach and beautiful people - Rachel Vitry
    01 nov 2023, 23:27

    Kareen is very passionate about dancing and sharing her love for it with people. She is an absolute amazing teacher with such a contagious smile and positive energy! She will make you feel confident, will encourage you and support you through your dance journey. You will love the vibes!!! Ayayaaaaay !!

  • Best classes ever - Cristina Gomez Reglero
    10 may 2023, 08:22

    Highly recommended classes! Kareen spreads such a good vibes and led us to release our bodies. It is always a great fun. She is the best and the whole group too馃グ

  • SK VYBZ - Clara Casey
    30 abr 2023, 21:50

    I moved to Cork last year, and I wanted to find a challenging dance class. After finding her on Instagram, I went to Kareen鈥檚 class for the first time in January and I was instantly blown away. I have been attending every week since. She is one of the most talented and passionate dance teachers I have ever come across. You will sweat trying to keep up with her, in the best way possible.

  • SK VYBZ - Ellie O鈥機allaghan
    30 abr 2023, 20:12

    This dance class is led by the most enthusiastic and encouraging dance teacher you will ever encounter. Check it out!

  • SK VYBZ - Ellie O鈥機allaghan
    30 abr 2023, 20:10

    Absolutely the best dance class ever 馃挀

  • Amazing work out and great fun!! - Cassandra Gheorghe
    30 abr 2023, 20:10

    I have been going to these classes since I first arrived in Cork. They are so much fun, Kareen has tons of energy and no matter in what mood/energy/stress level you arrive, I can guarantee that you will feel happy and energized after it!! I highly recommend 鈾ワ笍 Even if the first classes were hard as a beginner, it is amazing to see the improvements after practicing 馃帀 great challenge!!