After a wonderful launch, I want to invite you to experience 4 weeks of rest and connection through dance. In each sessions, there will be a theme and a different emotion that will be worked on. We will hold 4 sessions in March, each lasting 60 minutes. As we want a welcoming and comfortable place, places will be limited, so don't leave it too late. Dates of meetings: 06 March 13 March 20 March 27 March The purpose of the meetings is to give movement to the feelings and emotions, such as anger and accumulated hurt. You will access your self-love and self-esteem, reduce anxiety, connect with the elements of nature, and rediscover the joy of living through dance. You do not need to have any experience with the dance, just wish to connect with yourself. If you are in this moment. Feel free to connect with us!



Mash House, Mash House, North Circular Road, Dublin 1, Ireland

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