Go Dance for Change Dancing

Various locations

Dancing to make a positive change in ourselves and around us.
Go Dance for Change (or just Go Dance) is a transcultural platform that uses dance as its primary tool to engage the Irish community with other cultures, connect people and provide inclusive, healthier and diverse spaces.

Since 2018, we provide community participation opportunities to organisations and individuals who wish to engage effectively with and learn more about, a diverse and multicultural demographic within Ireland. It does this through a variety of dance activities such as workshops, parades, performances and online & live events.

We connect people with professional performers and facilitators in order to create immersive and engaging experiences celebrating cultural diversity & integration through dance.

To facilitate this Go Dance for Change uses its expertise and a strong focus on cultural education, wellbeing and female empowerment.



Mind The Step cafe & studios, 24 Strand Street Great, North City, Dublin, D01 V223, Irlanda
The Liffey Trust Studios, Upper Sheriff Street, North Dock, Dublin 1, Ireland
Temple Lane Studios, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
Various locations

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