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Dublin, Ireland

Get ready to mix it up at the Tutti Frutti Festival 🍍🍉 with workshops that'll make your hips sway and your heart sing! From Kizomba to Semba, Afrobeat to Bachata, and even a dash of Urban Kiz, we've got a fruit salad of dance styles to tantalize your taste buds 😋 Dive into our workshops led by the juiciest instructors in the biz, where every step is a flavor explosion and every beat is ripe for the picking! Grab your dancing shoes and come join the fruity fun – it's going to be a peel-good time! 🕺💃 NO REFUND POLICY * No Refund policy except under extenuating circumstances such as death, injury, or COVID-19 infection. Our policy is in place to ensure fairness and stability in event planning. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these terms. For further inquiries, please contact our customer support team.



Dublin, Ireland

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